BESTONE Plastic Injection ZI de la Tuilerie, 3 rue de l’industrie - 01100 ARBENT, France | +33 (0) 474 816 406 -


BESTONE supports you through every stage of your project:

  • from design, co-design
  • to the production of moulded components
  • measuring (three-dimensional, non-contact)
  • ultrasonic welding
  • and national and international logistics
We apply our know-how and our research into innovative solutions as well as listening carefully to your needs to ensure the best results for your projects.

We have software solutions that are adapted to exchanges with your services. One qualified project manager per development will be your dedicated contact and will manage each phase of your project.


  • Technological monitoring, monitoring of raw materials and technologies (IPC, the technical centre for plastics and composites; Federation of plastics and composites)
  • Research into the use of the latest technologies and the application of our experience
  • Development of innovative solutions
  • Design/Co-design
  • Prototyping and/or functional design


  • Component or project design
  • Help in deciding on and selecting materials
  • Creation of a 3D model and associated 2D plans
  • Some of the materials used: PEEK, PAI, PEI, PPA, PA, amorphous PA, POM, flexible and rigid PVC, MABS, PC, optical PMMA, etc.


  • Carry out a technical and economic study (Specification and Feasibility study)
  • Plan the project (Authorisation for Tooling Launch, Final Tool Outcome for initial components, Fine Tuning, Initial Samples through confirmation of the various phases of production, measuring and elements in the Specification), PILOT RUN (first series components stabilised) with more rigorous checks.
  • Process qualification by internal audit (FIEV [Fédération des Industries des Equipements pour Véhicules - Federation of vehicle equipment industries] method)
  • Continuous improvement and process optimisation
  • Plan and feedback with an Experience Committee

We maintain links with professional organisations
and provide monitoring with them