BESTONE Plastic Injection ZI de la Tuilerie, 3 rue de l’industrie - 01100 ARBENT, France | +33 (0) 474 816 406 -


BESTONE was established by Nicolas TONIN in 2003 and is now a well-known SME in the world of precision plastics.
With its focus on the processing of high-performance technical polymers, its development strategy has enabled it to break into high value-added French and international markets.

By specialising in two sectors, health and industry, BESTONE can meet the needs of these two sectors using the full range of cutting-edge technical and material resources:

Nicolas Tonin and his team can now rely on strong partnerships with selected suppliers. This enables them to access different ancillary services (rheology, structural calculation, branding, etc.), a true guarantee of responsiveness and quality.

BESTONE has received several awards for innovation and has established itself as a reliable partner with the capacity to adapt to constantly evolving markets and customer requirements.



High-precision technical components.
Plastics and high polymer injection moulding.


Single components, sub-components and components for the medical and industrial sectors, which are subject to the most stringent checks and the application of regulatory standards.


Design and Co-design on customer specifications.
Close collaboration with the laboratories of raw material producers and our technical partners.


Weight of moulded components: 0.005 g to 300 g